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Discolouration Cleansing Bar | 150g

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Absolutely essential for the treatment of pigmentation. Great for Asian clients to keep their skin light. It is designed to initiate your daily regime of Lighteners. Many compounds have anti-melanin properties, addressing one or more of the myriad chemical reactions along the pathway, reaching its highest point in melanin production, dispersion and fixation.

A compound with effective lightening ingredients to lighten the skin when left on for a couple of minutes. This product is also used as a mild cleanser with stimulating effects. Gently rinse off without rubbing. 

The Discolouration Bar however, is an easy natural addition to any lightening program when left on the skin for a minute or less.

    Additional Information

    Size  15g or 150g

    1. Wet face & facial brush 2. Sweep brush over bar, apply to face & neck, allowing lather to stay on for a few seconds. 3. Rinse well, dry skin and continue with appropriate products.


     To be used with a facial brush on alternate nights.