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Clear Skin Acne Cleansing Bar | 150g

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Acne Skin Cleansing Bar is a two layer bar; it contains salicylic acid which is able to get inside the pore to really clean debris out, and the second layer being hemlock oil which also assists in the flow out of bacterial produced waste material from the skin’s pores. It is effective on acne-prone and oily skin’s. The Acne Skin Cleansing Bar contains salicylic acid to get inside and clean the pore with a topical sulphur zone to extract the bacterial produced waste material.

Please note, that the image does not represent the actual size.


Weight 0.246 kg
Dimensions 9.2 × 9.2 × 4.2 cm


Home Usage

Acne Cleansing Bar should be used every morning and night. It should be an integral part of any treatment for acne or seborrhoea regardless of the type of core treatment (which includes prescription medications). Its use is highly recommended all over the body for those who attract higher bacterial conditions.


Always spray Anti-Radical Toner after cleansing the skin to keep the skin moist.